A Brief on Some of the Best Shopping Malls to Visit in Riyadh


Saudi Arabia Flight Schedule | Image source: wikimedia.org

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is known for its prosperity and economic growth all over the world. Millions arrive in its cities Mecca and Medina during the haj pilgrimage period. The capital city Riyadh is a mixture of ancient and modern influences and the best commercial enterprises from all over the world have set up their base here.

The capital city is also known for its huge population, such that it is the most populous one in Saudi Arabia. The city of Riyadh has many traditional markets, out of which the most important is the camel market. This market sells about a hundred camels every day.

You can easily reach Riyadh from various capital cities across the globe through Saudi Arabia Airlines. The carrier is known for its wide flight network and high quality passenger comforts. The Saudi Arabia flight schedule can be seen in the airline’s website based on which a ticket booking can be made quickly online.

Places to Shop in Riyadh

You must visit the Al Faisaliah Mall, which is modern and offer nothing but the best brands in the world. This is the place to come for a complete shopping experience and many of the shops here cater to women’s taste. The food court in the third floor showcases a variety of delightful cuisine not found anywhere else.

If you want to enjoy a ladies night out, visit the Mamlaka Mall. It is an enriching experience to visit this place as there is an entire floor dedicated to women’s needs called the Ladies Kingdom. All the personnel in the floor are women. There are many interesting eateries and restaurants here, out of which Planet Hollywood is an important one.


Sahara Mall | Image source: panoramio.com

There is no shopping experience that is more enriching than visiting the Sahara mall. It is the largest mall in the city and one with a unique and innovative food court, which is the city’s biggest one. Walking through it is a fabulous experience as you can see such a huge variety of shops and store, each selling products ranging from clothing to electronics and much more.

After visiting some big malls and large shopping space, you might want to enjoy something smaller, with just handful of important store. Check out the Granada mall, which is a quiet, serene and also smaller compared to other malls in the city.


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